Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tipsarevic's Tennis Tweets

Serbian world no. 45 Janko Tipsarevic really likes to share his thoughts on twitter. And he really likes The Cheesecake Factory. No, like, he REALLY likes it...

  1. Chance,chance,match points,chance,lost...No comment...Getting low on racquets...3 gone already...

  2. Damm,had nightmares cause the salat in the Cheseecake Factory was soo big.And I just could not resist;)Finally playing today.Gmorning all...

  3. Couldn't resist,so had to eat a salat in TCF By the way,my favorite cocktail is Liquid Cocaine,with fire on top and sniffing in the end.

  4. I promised myself I will not eat for dinner,but I can smell the Cheesecake Factory from my window.And no more Warcraft to help the hunger!!!

  5. I am not a big drinker....But I am a HUGE COCKTAIL MAKER!!!!!!!52 bottle's in my collection so far...

  6. - I know this sounds bad,since I am a pro tennis player,but DAMM I miss my bar at home.Cocktail's FTW!

  7. You know English is much better when I talk then when I mistakes like"BARE WITH ME"will happen along the way!!!!!;)

  8. I am Happy today...Getting aloooooot of good vibes from people all over...I am still new in this"twitting"thing so bare with me....:}

  9. - Heat is Really getting to me....CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.....:):):)

  10. - Getting CRAZY in the heat with Jhonny BOY....:):)

  11. - I could get use to this way of living very fast...;)

  12. Another day off tomorrow.Don't understand the schedule.At least there is a CHEESECAKE FACTORY across the hotel,so that makes me happy!!!!!

  13. - After beating Croatia in Split.Hanging out on Novaks ship with the whole team

  14. Sweating makes you feel better...Also CHESEECAKE FACTORY is the best place to eat in USA

See? I wasn't lying about the cheesecake thing. 

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