Sunday, August 8, 2010

Federer, Annacone at Rogers Cup

It's raining really, really hard out right now, so I'm going to wait a bit and hope that it stops before I head out to the Rogers Cup. The good news is that while I'm waiting, I can post more photos from Day 1 of the event.

Let's start with Federer since it's his birthday today. Fed looked good at practice yesterday—relaxed and smiling, with Mirka watching from the bench and Paul Annacone coaching him on the court. He was, of course, wearing a monogrammed RF shirt, and plaid shorts. Roger practiced with Kohlschreiber first and then later with Soderling. Below are the photos...Happy 29th bday R. Fed!


  1. He looks absolutely yummy. His shoulders look twice as broad here. I understand that Luthi is not with him in Canada, is that true? If so, it would seem as if he has made the decision regarding Annacone.

  2. Not surprised to see him practicing with big hitters Kohlschreiber and Soderling. Fed struggles with a lot of pace so it makes sense that he practices with guys that crush the ball

  3. TennisAce: Yeah it looks like the Annacone thing is going well. I'm pretty excited to see how it works out!

    Tyler: I was thinking the same thing...that Fed was practicing with the hard-hitting guys because they give him the most problems. He looked good though, so I'm hoping he's going to have a great hardcourt season.

  4. He looks very determined, which is great! I don't think Luthi is "gone" -- just that if Federer and Annacone are going to see how they mix, a third party could be distracting to the process.

  5. Katarina: Totally agree. Luthi is definitely still part of Fed's team, maybe he just couldn't make it to Canada or maybe you're right and since Annacone is a new addition it's better to try things out with just him for now.


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