Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Roger Federer

Last year during Wimbledon, Jimmy Fallon did a sketch called "At the Bar with Roger Federer" where he dressed up in tennis gear and pretended to be Federer hosting his own television show for the Tennis Channel.

Jimmy puts on a slightly horrendous Swiss accent and says things like this:

"I'm playing the tennis so perfect, I'm the best and all the other players they just don't want to play me they get afraid to play me, they get humiliated because I play so good and at the end of the match they can't even look their own father in the eye."

And when speaking about Nadal he says this:

"On the court I want to kill him. I want to destroy him, like the angry birds, I want to slingshot myself into his little fort and eat a pig with a hard helmet on, and the ceiling falls in on him, suffocates him and kills him, and I get the 500 points, and then game, set, match."

It's pretty funny, and definitely worth taking a look at. You can see the video here.


  1. I like Fallon, and it's a cute concept, but this is just an impossibly bad impersonation, and I'm not just referring to the accent...

    Have you read the "Interviews before the Federer/Nadal WTF Final!!" posted on Talk Tennis? They're spot-on:

  2. You're right. The impersonation is horribly bad. But I'm just entertained by the fact that Jimmy Fallon is pretending to be Federer.

    And no, I hadn't read the interviews on tennis talk...just did though, pretty funny.

  3. I disagree. I think the impersonation is pretty spot-on, and would only be dissed by inveterate Feddites.


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