Saturday, August 28, 2010

Federer and Annacone Together Forever

Roger posted the following message on his official website today:
Dear Fans
Paul and I have had a good trial period. He will be working with me during the US Open and I look forward to having Paul as a member of my team going forward and he will be integrated more and more as his responsibilities with LTA wind down.
See you soon
I think this is really great news, and I'm excited to see how Annacone working with Federer at the US Open will affect his game. I know that Roger plans to keep Severin Luthi, his current coach, on as part of his team, and I'm just interested to see how that will work. Will Luthi be at the US Open, and if so will he be at the practice sessions with Federer and Annacone? Seems like that might be a bit weird, but maybe not. I mean, I'm assuming Federer's got a plan worked out, and I trust that he knows what will work best for him.

1 comment:

  1. I'm really interested in seeing how the Federer-Annacone-Luthi triangle will work...could be very weird...could be heavenly


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