Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rogers Cup Pick: Rafa Nadal

Name: Rafa Nadal
Current ATP Ranking: 1
Can he win the title? Definitely

So I think it's pretty obvious why Rafa is one of my picks to win the Rogers Cup. He's clearly been the best player this year—having won the last two majors—and he's won this title twice before, so we know he plays well here. The only concern, and the usual concern for Rafa, is that his knees tend to give out around this time of year. However, the last time we saw him play his knees were fine (or at least fine enough to win Wimbledon), and he's had plenty of time off to relax, so I'm going to assume he'll be healthy and ready to go next week.

The draw for this event will be more interesting than most, as for the first time in a really long time Federer and Nadal could be on the same side side of the draw. If Rafa and Roger meet in the semifinals (or finals) then I'm really not sure what will happen. I think you have to give Rafa a slight edge, just because he's been so great recently, but this is hardcourt season now and Federer has typically been better here. Let's just hope they both make it far enough into the draw to play each other. It's been far too long since their last encounter.

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