Saturday, August 14, 2010

Take Your Pick: Federer or Murray

So very happy that two of my faves are into the finals at the Rogers Cup. Federer and Murray both played amazing tennis to get to this stage in the tournament, and I think the match tomorrow will be really exciting. I never root against Roger, so I'm hoping he can pull through tomorrow, but if Fed can't do it then I'm glad it will be Andy who wins the title.

Andy played so well against Rafa in the semifinals today, and although I wasn't surprised that he won—I think Andy is the better hardcourter—it was still huge to get a straight sets win over the number one player in the world.

And as for Federer, dear god that was a stressful match. Djokovic actually played great (and didn't even call for the trainer at all!) but Roger played just a little bit better and got the win.

I think Federer will win it tomorrow, although he'll have less time to recover before the final than Murray who played the day match. I'm guessing it will be a close three set match, with both players playing well, but that Federer will be able to close it out and win the championships.

What do you guys think...Fed or Muzz?

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