Monday, June 4, 2012

David Goffin Loves Roger Federer

Sure, the whole Goffin idolizes Federer thing probably got a bit out of hand, but it was pretty entertaining/sweet/at times awkward. Here are a few of my favourite Goffin/Federer moments from this week...
The now-famous Federer-Goffin hug
Q. Although you lost the match, is this the greatest match in your life?

DAVID GOFFIN: It's definitely the greatest moment in my life. I had never played in such a big stadium against the best player I've ever had as an opponent. This is a moment that I will not forget, and I hope I will have many more in my life.

The fatherly pat on the head by his idol

Q. Is it hard for you to believe at all what you have accomplished so far?

DAVID GOFFIN: No, I don't realize. Not yet. Not yet. Maybe next week. Now I'm playing against Roger and I can't believe it. (Smiling.) When I was young I had a lot of picture in my bedroom of him.

David Goffin and Federer's Post-Match Interview (in French, but even in French you can see the love. And of course the awkward, yet amazing, hug and head pat at the end) :

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