Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Raonic or Roger: My Cheering Conflict

My first reaction when I found out that Federer and Raonic would be playing against each other at Indian Wells was "AMAZING! This match is going to be so exciting!" But then I was like "Oh no! Who do I cheer for?!?" Some people might think this is a ridiculous thing to spend any time worrying about, but I was seriously conflicted over who I wanted to win.

On one hand you've got my all-time favourite player R. Fed, but on the other hand you've got the new tennis star who I really want to get into the top ten and be awesome and beat top players because he's Canadian and I'm Canadian and I'm pretty sure we're not going to get another Canadian tennis star anytime soon.

I have never watched a Federer match and wanted the other player to win. Never. And I'm not even sure I really wanted Raonic to win the match last night. I think I did, but I also sort of wanted Federer to win. See? I don't even know who I wanted to win and the match is already over.

All I really know is that the match WAS exciting, Raonic is really good, Federer is even better, and when Federer finally retires I'll still have someone pretty great to cheer for.

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