Friday, August 12, 2011

Roger Federer has a Rogers Cup Fail

So, the Rogers Cup is turning out to be quite the interesting tournament. And by interesting I mean lame. Roger, Rafa, Andy, Delpo, Caro, and Maria are all out already. Seriously? Anyway, I was in Montreal this week and took some photos of the players before they all lost. Good thing I was there early in the week or else the best photo I could have taken would have been of Mardy Fish.

Let's take a look at Roger before he joins the loser train:

Poor guy doesn't know he's one day away from losing to Tsonga. Again.

Okay, good. He looks serious again.

And he's even sweating. A lot. Which means that he must be working hard.

Looking good. But... he's smiling again.

Hey Paul, perhaps your pupil needs to do a little less smiling and a little more winning. Just saying.

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