Saturday, March 17, 2012

Turning Point for John Isner

So, pretty sure that huge win over Federer at the Davis Cup recently was the turning point for Isner. Apparently he now believes he can beat the top guys and this was evident in his amazing victory over Djokovic in the Indian Wells semi-final. Way to go Roger, you've unleashed the (giant) beast!

No but seriously, I'm really happy for Isner for three reasons:

1) He's been one of my favourite players for awhile now and I'm excited that he's in his first Masters 1000 final
2) I needed Isner to win because if Federer beats Nadal today (I know, I know...unlikely) I didn't want Fed to have to play Djokovic in the final, so I was partially cheering for John because I thought he'd be an easier opponent
3) I'm a little bit in love with John Isner

And with that, I leave you with some highlights from the match:

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